The Inclusio platform enables organisations and individuals to create and publish grant applications, with only a few clicks and a digital verification process.

How does it work for grantseekers?

The Inclusio platform enables grantseekers who pursue SDG goals to publish their grant application and have it quickly funded.

How does it work for donors?

The Inclusio platform enables donors to select grant applications that match their criteria and automate follow up on the funded projects.


Sign up

Register with your email, complete a digital ID verification and provide organisational information.

Create a project

Create project overview, select goals and targets, choose a plan, with an option to feature your project on the first page.

Monitor & Update

Post updates about your project and funding process as well as monitor your donations and donors.


Inclusio is a blockchain-based platform for enabling transparent, secure and immediate financial allocation of grants and donations for projects that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Inclusion provides grantseekers with immediate access to an international network of institutional and private donors who are interested in supporting non-profit projects focused on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Blockchain technology enables easy-access project funding in a responsible and sustainable way. Inclusio removes the requirements of putting trust into one centralized entity. Our solution also allows grantseekers to collect and distribute funds quickly and reduce inefficiency while working with time-sensitive transactions.