About Us

We believe that technology can help achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

The Inclusio blockchain-based platform was built by a team of seasoned developers and grant experts. We believe that technology can help improve and streamline a grant application process as well as optimise resources and efforts needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Concept

Financial inclusion

As the cornerstone of our mission, Inclusio is fully committed to promoting financial inclusion that is considered one of the major enablers for achieving UN’s sustainable development goals. Our platform contributes to financial inclusion by leveraging cutting-edge, sustainable financial tools such as digital KYC, mobile money payments, mobile-first service channel and more.

Connectik Group

Inclusio is a part of Connectik Group, a Swiss-based technology provider that has developed an open ecosystem of innovative digital products and services for collaboration and communication, member and supply chain engagement, eCommerce and more. Connectik enables the world’s largest humanitarian organisations as well as governments and leading enterprises to digitise their operations, work more efficiently and make a difference.

Meet our team

Inclusio was founded in 2018 by Willful Group, a London-based group of companies that combines technological excellence with a superior understanding of the market to enable clients around the globe to transform the way they operate.


An integral part of our fundraising ecosystem is FinTier Wallet that processes all donations made through the Inclusio platform. FinTier is a new-generation fintech company that offers cutting-edge financial services for payments, money transfer, donations and more, worldwide.

Raise Funds

Allow your supporters to donate money or provide direct support to your project.

Deposit Cash

Convenient local options for depositing and cashing out your funds with low fees and full transparency.

Transfer Money

Send money globally to credit cards, bank accounts, eWallets, cash pickup locations and more.

Make Payments

Send fast and secure mobile payments to anyone, anywhere in the world, with just a few taps.